Banned Books

Read All About It I believe that if we continue with the parents that want to protect their children from everything then they will just end up with rebellious children. Children will always be curious and they will always find a way to find what they are looking for. What parents can do is just watch… Continue reading Banned Books


Horror and Mystery I do believe it is safe to say that horror and mystery have changed drastically more than anything in the past decade. From The Texas Chainsaw to the Nightmare on Elm Street. Now we are getting movies like Sharknado (1,2,3,4 They should have stopped but that’s just me or switched it over… Continue reading Disscussion

Snowy Range

Snowy Range

When going to the Snowy Range we had time to go on our own (With a buddy) to discover the area around. I majorly focused the photos to the side of the road from where we parked.

Media Diet

How much? The media intake that I have begins from the morning  from when I wake up till I go to bed. My major app is Snapchat, then Instagram and finally Facebook.  I unintentionally have the routine diet of playing music from the moment I wake up. Around an hour to 30 minutes with Instagram… Continue reading Media Diet