Pride Month

We've past the half way mark in June, (15) which leaves us with fewer days in our wonderful Pride Month. Through this month many people all over the world have found comfort, joy, fear, acceptance and also have found the ability to come out of the famous Closet. The one in which we all start... Continue Reading →

To the Seniors..

I'm the oldest in my family making me the sibling who has always needed to put an example to my younger family members. Most of the time I am the one looked up upon. But that doesn't mean I don't look up to others. Throughout my school year I have always had older friends that... Continue Reading →

Self-Image/Body Image

You look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Now take your shirt off, do you still see the same thing or has your opinion over yourself change? That's what I asked many males in social media over the past week. I wanted to start a conversation. I wanted to spark a discussion.... Continue Reading →

Just thought I'd add something since its been a while. The new post is taking longer than expected. 😅 Photo & Quote: Both done by myself.

We finally did it. We made it to where we are now. Both of us finally 18 no longer under our patents roof. Finally free and together. It’s just me and you. We went to our favorite spot to celebrate. We sat in your car for a bit, still in a daze. “We are finally... Continue Reading →


Final Day Hello to future me and others who may end up reading this post. My name is Jose Ivan Sapien, but everyone calls me Ivan. Hi. Right now I'm sitting in my Media Literacy class and trying to come up with the things to write about.  I'll talk about this class and what I... Continue Reading →

Banned Books

Read All About It I believe that if we continue with the parents that want to protect their children from everything then they will just end up with rebellious children. Children will always be curious and they will always find a way to find what they are looking for. What parents can do is just watch... Continue Reading →


Horror and Mystery I do believe it is safe to say that horror and mystery have changed drastically more than anything in the past decade. From The Texas Chainsaw to the Nightmare on Elm Street. Now we are getting movies like Sharknado (1,2,3,4 They should have stopped but that's just me or switched it over... Continue Reading →

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